Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Jul. 31, 2021
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  



Mining Leases


The CK Gold property position consists of two State of Wyoming Metallic and Non-metallic Rocks and Minerals Mining Leases. These leases were assigned to the Company in July 2014 through the acquisition of the CK Gold Project. Leases to explore for or use of natural resources are outside the scope of ASU 2016-02 “Leases”. There are no lease contracts for office space or other Company expenses which qualify for treatment as capital assets under ASU 2016-02.


The Company’s rights to the CK Gold Project arise under two State of Wyoming mineral leases; 1) State of Wyoming Mining Lease No. 0-40828, consisting of 640 acres, and 2) State of Wyoming Mining Lease No. 0-40858 consisting of 480 acres.


Lease 0-40828 was renewed in February 2013 for a second ten-year term and Lease 0-40858 was renewed for its second ten-year term in February 2014. Each lease requires an annual payment of $2.00 per acre. In connection with the Wyoming Mining Leases, the following production royalties must be paid to the State of Wyoming, although once the project is in operation, the Board of Land Commissioners has the authority to reduce the royalty payable to the State of Wyoming:


FOB Mine Value per Ton   Percentage Royalty  
$00.00 to $50.00     5 %
$50.01 to $100.00     7 %
$100.01 to $150.00     9 %
$150.01 and up     10 %





JULY 31, 2021


The future minimum lease payments at July 31, 2021 under these mining leases are as follows, each payment to be made in the fourth quarter of the respective fiscal years:


Fiscal 2022   $ 2,240  
Fiscal 2023     2,240  
Fiscal 2024     960  
Total   $ 5,440  


The Company may renew each lease for a third ten-year term, which will require one annual payment of $3.00 per acre for the first year and $4.00 per acre for each year thereafter.


Maggie Creek option:


The Maggie Creek option agreement grants the Company the exclusive right and option to earn-in and acquire up to 50% undivided interest in a property called Maggie Creek, located in Eureka County, Nevada by completing the Initial Earn-in over a seven-year period, as amended:


First agreement year   $ -  
Second agreement year     300,000  
Third agreement year     500,000  
Fourth agreement year     700,000  
Fifth agreement year     1,000,000  
Sixth agreement year     1,000,000  
Seventh agreement year     1,000,000  


Once the Initial Earn-in has been met, the Company is required to pay an additional $250,000 to the counterparty to vest the Company’s 50% interest in the Maggie Creek property.


NPRC option:


Pursuant to the Merger, the Company acquired from NPRC a mineral property called Challis Gold located in Idaho pursuant to an option agreement dated in February 2020 which was later amended in June 2020.


The annual advance minimum royalty payments at April 30, 2021 under the option agreement are as follows, each payment to be made in the beginning on the first anniversary of the effective date of this option agreement and continuing until the tenth anniversary: 

Fiscal 2022   $ 25,000  
Fiscal 2023     25,000  
Fiscal 2024     25,000  
Fiscal 2025     25,000  
Fiscal 2026 and thereafter     150,000  
Total   $ 250,000  


100% of the advance minimum royalty payments will be applied to the royalty credits.


Legal Matters


From time to time the Company may be involved in claims and legal actions that arise in the ordinary course of business. To the Company’s knowledge, there are no material pending legal proceedings to which the Company is a party or of which any of the Company’s property is the subject.